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About LostTime:

Hi there! You've undoubtedly found this website whilst trawling the vastness of the neocities, welcome! My name is Divi and this is my site, called LostTime, where you will find writings, links and resources all related to early electronic devices, 8-bit computers, semiconductors and related technologies.

Currently my interests are leaning towards DIY semiconductors at the moment, which you can find more information about in the "Interesting Links" page where I've provided a link to a fantastic resource related to this area called "Instruments of Amplification" by H.P Friedrichs, which provides detailed instructions in creating relays, semiconductors and transformers.

If your wondering why I have such a interest in these technologies my first 'article' will probably give a hint as to why (hint: 8-bit computers!)

Anyway that is enough from me for now and I hope some of you may derive some interest from what I write here which I hope to be on a once weekly basis.

Happy exploring!