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How do semiconductors work?

What are semiconductors, are they even important? How do they work?, Jun 24, 2020
Examples of components that contain semiconductive materials

Semiconductors are a very important and essential piece of technology when it comes to our modern electronics. Replacing vaccuum tubes and significantly furthering the ability of relatively new fields such as computing and the world of communications as well as improving..

The Boy Electrian: Chapter 17-Dynamos

A transcription from Alfred P. Morgan's "The Boy Electrian" on Dynamos, Jun 21, 2020
Example of a open frame Dynamo

"The boy electrian" is a book written by Alfred P. Morgan, describing practical electrical projects one could do at home at the time the book was written in 1913. Since the only versions of this book available on the internet are of somewhat ordinary quality scans, I've decided to transcribe one of the chapters into digital text, by hand. Why you ask? Well I asked myself..

About Alloy Junction Transistors

A quick dicussion on Alloy Junction Transistors and their potential in the DIY scene, Jun 20, 2020
Gigatron computer

Alloy junction transistors were never scaled to industrial production, as the process for creating these types of transistors did not allow for such upscaling. However, this does mean they are fully capable in being..